North Shore Bowl Jam

We were in a Hawai’ian tropical paradise--palm trees, sandy beaches, and 75-degree weather in December. So, when a new bowl contest was announced on Oahu’s North Shore, in a month that’s usually entirely known for surfing, a nice, relaxed gathering of skaters looking for an excuse to take a vacation rather than compete is what you might expect. But when the best and biggest names in bowl skating are put in a perfect concrete backyard pool and the intensity and energy just builds and builds throughout the day, you know you’re in store for a session like no other. Welcome to the first ever North Shore Bowl Jam.

The Cholo bowl was built in 2004 and sits hidden on a Hawai’ian hill on the North Shore of Oahu in the backyard of Steve “Cholo Ellis. And the scene on Saturday was that of a traditional epic backyard session. Cigs, beers, babes, and BBQ were in full effect the entire day. When Danny Way (with his huge backside ollies), Bob Burnquist (with his kickflip indys), or Rune Glifberg (with his lines charging through every corner of the bowl) started to get gnarly, so too did the crowd--and the all-day hollers and roars just amped up the session.

But once the skating gets gnarly, so to do the slams. Three of the top five placers went home with injuries. Danny Way felt the hard cement on his hip, Omar Hassan was bleeding from the chin, and Burnquist got a bad one to the ribs. Rune’s body seemed to be intact by the end of the day and that was even after his lines of frontside airs out of the deep end, to five-0s, to tailslides, to many other endless combinations. No wonder he took first. Chris Miller might have taken the worst injury of the day taking a smack to the face and knocking out a tooth. So much for going home with a nice Hawai’ian tan.

Thanks to Steve Ellis for opening up his backyard at hosting a contest and hopefully a tradition that will bring more bowl jams to the North Shore in the years to come.--Ben Kelly


1. Rune Glifberg
2. Bob Burnquist
3. Omar Hassan
4. Danny Way
5. Jimmy “The Greek Marcus

Check the slideshow for all the pics!