November 2003 Dream Team

I used to want to wear glasses so bad.

This desire surely stemmed from the very real fact that a friend of mine wore spectacles. Rather than walk a mile in his shoes, I felt the need to see the world through his corrective lenses. There’s just something inherently fresh about prescription eyewear. Sure, the potential was there to get poked fun at a bit, but glasses help you see things differently, actually improving your vision—changing the way you observe the world.

Hey, that’s kinda like skateboarding, isn’t it?

How convenient for me.

Really, though. Think of how amazing things must be for this month’s Dream Teamers—looking at everything through the eyes of a skateboarder and the convexed eyepieces of the visually enhanced.

Four times as nice, right?

All-Four-Eyes Team


Lindsey Robertson
Bob Burnquist
Steve Olson
Chris “Dune Pastras
Chet Childress


Scott Johnston
Josh Falk
Tommy Guerrero
Wieger van Wageningen
Shawn Mandoli

Our next Dream Team is like the dirty cousin of some MTV Spring Break fantasy but without the ill-conceived game shows; the hung-over MCs; greased-down runaways; or overly chatty, sleep-deprived producers.

Of course, I’m just speculating.

One thing’s for certain, the All-Pool Team roster is empty and in desperate need of your youthful enthusiasm to legitimize its existence. Just go to, type in your five starters and five reserves, and the rest is—as they say—sand through the hourglass.

Everyone in the pool!

F—kin’ woooooo!

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