A few weeks ago, a peculiar story hit our radar: Our good friend and And Now alumnus Richie Jackson was awoken at gunpoint while peacefully sleeping in a schoolyard in Sydney, Australia (see the original post here). Well, we had to catch up with our mate and get the real dirt. Read on as Richie reveals how a typical night of Aussie revelry ended in the rudest of awakenings.

Interview by Blair Alley

So what the f--k were you doing sleeping inside, what was it, an elementary school? Out a little late the night before?

Yep, I went to the Zero premiere at Bondi to see Dane Burman’s part, kept drinking afterwards and eventually stumbled into the school to sleep. The sun was just coming up as I was gettin’ cuffed.

Were you lost or just figured, f--k it, I'll sleep in a school, no one will bother me?


Why were the cops so aggressive when they found you?

Well I’d say that one fat cop who pulled the gun was leading the charge. He got excited and the other cops followed his example. After the photographer left, they moved me to another paddywagon, and that was really the worst bit as no one was watching/listening. That’s when the real nasty sh-t came out. I got kicked around a bit.

I was just in the wrong place, wrong time. They needed someone to criminalize that night. However, I did have contact with Antwuan Dixon earlier in the evening, it’s possible that through osmosis I acquired some of his powers of arrestability.

I didn't think cops in Oz had guns!?

They do. I’ve never stared down the barrell of a loaded pistol before, definitely a surreal feeling. I want to stay the hell away from guns altogether. Guns have very little potential to enrich your life, but a whole lot of potential to end it.


Photo By Schooner

So what's the verdict? Jailtime? Any fines?

Well, at the station the fat cop was continuing to be a dick, pushing my head into the wall while going through my pockets, etc. I thought I was pretty much done, but somehow he dissapeared and the dude that handled the paperwork was way more level-headed. I ended up getting a $350 fine, with no criminal record.

Next time you're sleepy, you gonna try a public park or maybe the beach at Bondi instead?

Who knows, sleeping is like skating, it’s an individual pursuit!