The homeys have been stacking many clips in this new year so the NS Krüe Hoodlife online video was born. With 5 installments to watch it’s tons of viewing pleasure. Watch all of the montages to get real psyched. If you still want more of  KRÜE click HERE

installment #1

Featuring: Dane Vaughn, Danny Scher, Jermaine Avery Wright, Austin Ayub, Mikey “Mouse” Bestidas, Raymond Diaz, Rueben Duval Jones IV, Jonathan “Ajohn” Gacuma, Anthony Schultz, Ryan “Baby R” Barton, John “Btime” Cleavland, Ethan Fitzpatrick, Frecks, Thomas Yukoviche, Ian “Eazy” Gundloch, Alan Tjaden, Bart Jones, Che “Biz” Zeid George, Michael Prince.

installment #2

Featuring: Drew Dezort, Danny Scher, Che “Biz” Zaid George, Anthony Schultz, Dane Vaughn, Ryan “Baby R” Barton, Anthony Doll, Alex Heskett, Police Officer, Brian “BB” Bestidas, Alan Tjaden, Ethan Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Peckham, Jonathan “Ajohn” Gacuma, Jermaine Wright, Raymond Diaz.

installment #3

Featuring: Jermaine Wright, Bart Jones, Jonathan “Ajohn” Gacuma, Raymond Diaz, Ethan Fitzpatrick, Drew Dezort, Dane Vaughn, Danny Scher, Sean Stultz, Ian Gundloch, Alex Heskett, Anthony Schultz, Mike Long, Lannie Rhodes, Jermaine Avery Wright, Scab, Richie Belton, Che “BIZ” Zaid George.

installment #4

Featuring: Danny Scher, Jeremy Peckham, Anthony Schultz, Andrew “Bossy” Chavez, Dane
Vaughn, Anthony Schultz, Jermaine Wright, Frecks, Brad Herrera, Ian Gundlach, Sean Conover, Stuart, Jeff the intern, Matt Mumford, Dane Vaughn, Jonathan Gacuma, Raymond Diaz, Ethan Fitzpatrick.

installment #5

Featuring: Danny Scher, Jermaine Wright, Truman Hooker, Anthony Schultz, Drew Dezort, Raymond Diaz, Dane Vaughn, Alex Heskett.