NYC Volcomics Show Wrap Up

After some damp good street skating and a radical sesh at the Autumn bowl, it was time to arrive thrashionably late to the first stop on the Volcomics tour. So, on Saturday, May 19, at about 9:30 pm, I straight rolled up into the opening show with Nick Trapasso, Darrell Stanton, Angel Ramirez (sans eyebrows), Caswell Berry (at one point, sans pants), and Volcom skate TM Steve Stratton.

The wurd was, that an hour before opening, 100 people had already shown up. Needless to say, by the time we got there, the place was packed to the gills. The venue chosen for this occasion, was the Fuse Gallery, located in the back portion of the Lit Lounge,on 2nd Ave, in fabulous New York City.

With all the people dancing at the Lit, and all the art monologuing, it was hot in the spot! I kept thinking the place was going to reach it’s kindling point and just burst into flame, but that actually didn’t have anything to do with the temperature.

People must have been just pumped on the show, because they powered through, braving the heat and the free booze to view extraordinary drawings by VC Johnson, Travis Millard, Mike Sieben,Todd Bratrud, Mike Aho, Mark Appleyard, Mel Kadel, Jamie Lynn, Neil Blender, Ethan Anderson, Ozzie Wright, Matt French (yeah, that’s me), and a number of other super-talented artists I’m totally blowing it by not mentioning. Also on display, was a massive, silkscreened, blacklight poster version of the Volcomics cover art,that I collaborated on with Jim Phillips.

Mike Aho’s forearms were on display, as well. Undoubtedly permaflexed from all the curating. Keep your eyes peeled for the next stop on the Volcomics tour: June 1, at Volcom’s LA store.Among others, skateboard art legends Jim Phillips and VC Johnson will be there.

Thanks to Pentax for the camera.

Pee Shout,
Matt French

Check the slideshow for all the goods!