Skating: the word can work interchangeably, but rarely can a skateboarder also ice skate, let alone play hockey. But leave it to the Transistor Sect’s jack-of-all-trades to slip off the Fallens and try his feet at ice hockey. Queue Hanson Brother jokes.

Directed & Edited by Suziie Wang. Words and marquee photo by Dave Chami. For more Off The Board videos click here.

Thin Ice

I took ice skating lessons when I was ten and really wanted to play, but it was too expensive back then and I kind of forgot about it for a while. Recently I bought some pads and went for it.

Aim For The Post

I came out to Puck Play-which is just open ice that anyone can come out to and play on a thrown-together team-every day or every other day for three months, trying to learn different stuff. At first I couldn’t stop with my skates, so I had to put my stick down to get myself to stop. But two weeks into it, I finally figured it out. Right now the hardest part is shooting. I can’t quite figure that out. It was stopping, but I finally figured that out.

Get Organized

Now I play on two organized teams. One of the teams was called Active, because I was sponsored by Active and they gave me some money to help start the team, and the other team is the Shamans. My friend just asked me to play on that one. I’d say the Active team is better because we play in a higher division. There are a whole bunch of different divisions and we’re just right in the middle-nothing too crazy for me.

The Agony Of Defeat

I’ve played three seasons and every season we lose the last game. We always get second for some reason. I think we might win this time, though.

Loose Slots

I play center, but what I usually do is take the face-off and go straight to the front of the net and try to tip something in. I don’t even know if I’m playing it right, but I just try to stay in front of the net as much as possible.

Hip Checks, Not Paychecks

The league that I play in is an adult league with no contact, but you still get hit. Everyone’s pretty mellow about it, except for the dudes who are really jocky.


I got skates, shin guards/kneepads, socks pulled over it, cup, shorts, a little padded shirt, jersey, gloves, stick, and helmet. That’s pretty much everything you need to stay protected out there.


It’s not really a gnarly injury because there are much worse, but I got a stick to the throat, which is kind of sketchy. But I was all right.

Skating To Skating

I guess the stamina I’ve gotten from skating demos or contests or whatever has helped me stay out on the ice a little bit longer, so I’m not getting as tired as quick. That’s the only way I’d say skateboarding had helped me play hockey.