Oil On The Road

Today the team met up with local legend Mako Urabe to be our tour guide. After sussing a few spots that had been fixed by the city of Sacramento, the crew set up camp at that famous steep wall with the tranny bottom. It was windy as hell so the few brave enough to tackle the wall were forced to push across an entire strip mall parking lot to gain enough speed. Chris Haslam gets the ironman award for fighting Mother Nature’s most unforgiving element and coming out with two bangers. He even re-did each one just to make sure they looked right.

After the sesh the team chilled at Mako’s house for a minute admiring his samurai sword collection and the golf hole he has sunken into his floor—pure genius. The Grease Van was low on oil so we hit a local Chinese restaurant to refuel, got some curious looks from passers-by, and we were off to Oregon.

Check the attached slideshow and video to the left for all the photos and footage.

Check out Grease Not Gas and their MySpace to learn more about how you can convert a gas engine to run on vegetable oil.