This week our YouTubes are British themed, we'll be following up with regional US clips starting next week so don't get your knickers in a twist. The first UK clip was my first toot of the YouTube crack pipe, this is what got me started on the video clip matrix. It was referenced on the Simpsons, originates from the town next to Paul Shier's birthplace and reminds me what growing up in Britain and being a teenager was all about. The Pat Duffy Questionable video part of YouTube, Crawley Roundabout:

The second clip of the week also has a lot to do with being a teenager in Britain: aside from wearing sporting leisure wear and smoking hash in playgrounds, a lot of people spend a lot of time walking around looking for trouble and things to vandalize. Immediately identifiable by wearing anything Burberry (especially Burberry hats, an item that Burberry itself has never actually manufactured), a chav is like the UK's version of white trash with a soccer twist:

This next clip, whilst a parody at heart, is exactly what Flip filmer Ewan Bowman would have turned into if he had never discovered skateboarding. Good luck understanding the lyrics in this one, but you get vibe:

If there is one thing that Britain can claim without any shadow of a doubt, it's that we have the best TV programming in the world. The US kills all on reality TV, but before you try and claim the Planet Earth Documentary for the nature genre, that's a BBC production with a Sigourney Weaver voice over, plus we don't have a tenth of the commercials and our comedy is beyond the pinnacle. The Office would be a good reference point here, but instead I'm going to dedicate this next clip to Geoff Rowley who introduced me to so much epic British TV (despite the fact we both live in America) the Mighty Boosh being his latest pearl of very random wisdom. Mighty Boosh's "Eels" is his second favorite, but this takes the cake:

Skateboarding is hands down the most beautiful activity in the world for more reasons than it's worth typing. John Cardiel, Guy Mariano, Mark Gonzales, Natas; the list is long and there are flavors for every palette. The taste I never get bored of comes from Oxford, England in the unassuming form of Tom Penny. There are a lot of mixtapes floating around, the best of which Blair posted a while back on the site, I chose this one because there are a lot of recent clips in here polished off with a Ty Evans touch. If this does n't make you want to go out and skate…