This week I'm keeping it strictly biz for the skate rats out there. YouTube is generally looked upon my many filmers as their worst enemy and it's true for the most part: YouTube kills video sales, which kills the companies trying to make the videos who support the pros and ams that we all love to watch. Basically, if you kill the skate companies and all the people they support, there'll be no more pros and skating will be like tennis where you just buy random tennis bats and only the top 5 guys winning the comps on the TV get any love. So make the right choice and buy some DVDs. That being said, people are starting to come up on YouTube alone, our first tape is a compilation is a perfect example of that, NorCal prodigy Mister Mark Suciu:

Last week we featured one of history's most pinnacle, Tom Penny, and this week we continue the vibe with another gift from the skate gods, Mister Van Wastell. His bag of tricks were as varied and random as his array of random tattoos, Van's influence spread wide and deep, look no further than Mike Anderson and Bobby Worrest to see some of Van's legacy. The following footage tape is edited by one of Van's friends and a great guy himself, Mike Fox.

Bill Strobeck has been my favorite filmer for a long time; as Benny Maglinao put it, "He's the most pinnacle filmer, who films the most pinnacle dudes, in the most pinnacle locations". This video is some seen and unseen footage of one of street skating's greatest dynamic duos, Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams. You should check out his web site for more of these videos featuring heads like Alex Olsen, Pops, Danny Brady and Gonz:

The greatest skateboarder of all time, still making it look how it should. Fun. Watch and learn.

If the Gonz is the greatest, this bloke is the gnarliest by light years, after watching this clip, I'm not even sure if he is part of the human species.