Greatest Freak out Ever

etnies filmer Benny Maglinao hooked me up with this gem, which also features several related videos from the same kid. Someone needs to get this guy a skateboard with a set of Indys and some pool coping, 11 million views and rising say that hockey temper Kerry Getz has nothing on this kid!

Bastien the God

This is a pretty epic footage compilation of demo/comp killer Bastien Salabanzi going to work, the title says it all and any clip that kicks off with a rude boy switch heel in bare feet commands instant restepka in my book. Bastien all but vanished in the blink of an eye, the skate vine currently places him either in Paris or his home town of Hyeres in the South of France. Follow this link to check out some kind of recent footage (all filmed in a day) of him skating the park where he learnt all his clockwise skills.

E.T. The Retard

It's amazing the things that visitors to the US and A are intrigued by, current and constant King of my Couch, Willow, is totally absorbed by Robot Chicken, on a recent road trip to Portland the highlight of the day was getting back to Motel 6 to check out Adult Swim. Here is one of the greatest…

Break Dance Baby Kick

Jerry Hsu is the Lord of All YouTube, I went to France with him a few years back and this clip gave him kicks for days…

German Hammer King

The German Hamer King represents everything pinnacle about the Deutschland: total insanity mixed with absolute precision and a bit of a giggle.