Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (2.4.10)

This week's YouTubage comes to you largely thanks to Tyler Bledsoe and the recent deluge of rain hitting the West Coast of the US and A. First up, 100 magnificent moments of fromage from the silver screen, I find it hard to believe that the script writers didn't have a little giggle to themselves when they penned some of these lines:

Bruce Parry is a BBC presenter who likes to experience life in the drivers seat, he put together a series in which he went to live with a cannibalistic tribe and got involved on all levels:

El-Hajid Diouf plays football (soccer) for Manchester and he clearly has way more money than sense. Not only does he have a chrome Merc, but he's got this absurd Cadillac too. I feel bad that he has random people film him in the street but I have included this clip not only because looking at his car is like looking at a car crash: you know it's wrong but you can't help but look and also because the way his driver hands off a half smoked cigarette to a random but unquestioning passerby is fantastic:

This next clip comes courtesy of my dad and is dedicated to Mike O'Meally:

The skate clip this week comes from Tyler's home town, Mike Chin is a young buck OG Portland ripper, he has a new part out on Tribute Skateboards which is well worth checking out: