Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (2.12.10)

This week's YouTubes were only supposed to have the mandatory single skate section but it ended up being a bit of a skate rat attack. I apologize for that, but reserve the right to remind you the url of this site is www.skateboarding.com. Anyway, first clip comes from Bath, England. I want to give a shout out to Ben Nordberg who dun mash up his leg the last time he was in the States. This is not some kind of worked on part, it's just a compilation of random schtuff put together by Andy, Ben and Ry at Sidewalk Magazine from comps and bits and bobs but I think that it displays how good this guy's vibe isĀ  in a far most honest way than the average "here's the best 3 minutes I got from three years of throwing cards at a hat" sponsor me tape. Check the sidewalk site if you're down with Britain and good skateboarding at sidewalkmag.com.

This next part features two of the best human beings on the planet: Ewan Bowman behind the lens and John Rattray in front of it. This clip is from 411, a video magazine which latterly most people have been a bit scathing about, but was an amazing source of amazing skating, if someone out there could PLEASE post the France World report from issue 30 something that came after an England and a Holland World Report, I'd be eternally grateful! Anyway, this comes from a time period when John still lived in the U.K. and skated for Blueprint, everyone in Britain knew how good he was but the rest of the world weren't savvy yet, he was our ripping little secret. Flip fakie in the bowl WTF!

I went over to Mike Anderson's house the other day to meet the wonderful lady Lyla who is now almost a week old, Yaje Popson was over there and was loving this clip, you'll have to agree it's pretty excellent, the entry into the shorts is superb!

Speaking of Yaje, for those of you who don't know yet, he's got more than a few good YouTubes under his belt, he's also got some serious finesse on the sidewalk:

All this epic skating, the only way to finish this vibe off in a pinnacle is fashion is by relying on the man who always delivers the uberness, Bill Strobeck: