Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (2.26.10)

This week we are going to be looking at one of the best YouTube channels out there, Liquid Generation. If you have some time on your hands, I recommend checking out their channel. Talking of channels, the amount of TV channels in America is bewildering, there are literally hundreds and hundreds. There is a channel for everyone, even public access where you can find some of the most cringe-worthy but epic TV. The only thing better than local TV, are the commercials on local TV, here is a selection of the top ten from Liquid Generation:

Discovering you are going to have a child can be on of the most joyous moments of your life. Actually judging by these clips, having or not having a child can make you joyous or enraged. I'm not making any sense? Watch on:

This clip is dedicated to my boy Eric Stricker, he would have experienced heavy doses of nostalgia over this collection, subsequently followed by an eBay binge. I hope you're up there in a pair of Jordans and a Bears shirt watching skate vids mate and looking for earthworm.

Larry David would love this one. All I can say is, "Puffy is good, but Wu Tang is the best!" Oh yeah, one other thing, Kanye you're a twat.

This week we're finishing up with a skate section from one of my all time favorites, Kenny Reed, filmed by Ricki Bedenbaugh or rickithedude.com as he is known in the matrix. I have been on a few trips with Kenny and he approaches them very differently to most skaters. Kenny will interact with any and all locals at a skate spot, no matter where they are or what language is being spoken, he is genuinely interested in all the different lives that the people of planet Earth lead. He also has no fear of traveling into all sorts of dangerous situations and skating spots in the middle of them. Skateboarders can be so narrow minded with their criticisms sometimes, if half the slanderers knew what it took to get to some of the spots you see Kenny skating, things would be very different. Maybe that's the charm. Either way, Kenny doesn't give a shit, he's out in the middle of nowhere playing games of skate on perfect marble flat ground for fun, not internet broadcast. Have a good weekend!