Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (3.26.10)

Starting off with a deuce deuce, two hammers from two wheels, more magic from Riley Hawk's 'tube collection. "It's not scratched!":

Danny Brady is down with the Techno Viking! Faster moves than Paul Shier on a Friday night in an eighties club!

A light hearted Alka Seltzer after all that techno:

Mike Manzoori's brother hooked this clip up, I love the feeble "Car" that someone shouts as the kid starts bombing the hill. Be careful out there!

Riley Hawk has been one of the most prolific YouTube sources on the planet, major shout out, he's prolific on the board too and one of the coolest humans we've had stay at the house. Restepka! This footage is a little older but you get the idea, this kid's heavy weight: