Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (4.23.10)

Unless you've had your head buried in plastic bags, you should know by now that the latest Blueprint video Make Friends With The Colour Blue dropped this week. Do yourself a favour and get to a premiere near you after you check the trailer at blueprintskateboards.com, and then bully your local shop to get the boards on the shelves—the Matryoshka cruiser is at the apex of the pinnacle. With that in mind, this week's youtubes are Blueprint themed, Persist, Perpetuate, Prevail:

John Rattray used to ride for the 'Print, here is his part from the third video, Waiting For The World, fully zefed:

Chewy Cannon just dropped a heavy part in the adidas video Diagonal but he's sitting on bonus footage:

Double U double K can skate all sorts but his dance floor moves are nothing short of 1am Saturday Night Fever:

Curtis McCann was one of the first skaters to put London on the map, he's OG Blueprint fam:

Curtis skated a spot in South London called Fairfields when he was at the peak of rippage, his skating was heavily influential on a little kid with a Slick Rick who grew up to have the worlds most effortless tre: