Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (4.30.10)

Pretty much everyone I knew growing up wanted to have a trampoline as a kid, cheating gravity is fun. Danny Way getting sparked jumping off a roof onto one in Questionable was the first warning shot that showed us the dangers, this however might be the first and last time that Danny Way is ever upstaged. Harsh friends by the way:

So as far as backyard pinnicality is concerned, if a trampoline is out, how about a hot tub to soak your bones after a good skate? Sure, just don't let anyone in there who's eaten spicy food in the last 24hrs:

When Lizard talks passion, is this what he is referring to?

This guy is not happy about getting his shirt dirty and doesn't she find out!:

This video part is 10 years old and I've been told by pretty reputable source that it was filmed in 6 weeks. Check out how young Bastien is… YouTube They DoN't Give A F—k About Us by Lordz for more o.g. Flo, LuyPa and Bastien footage…