Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (5.7.10)

Pontus Alv has been in relative hiding as far as the mainstream skate media is concerned, but he's been a busy little boy and put out his own video The Strongest Of The Strange with parts from a variety of different people, including an epic Scott Bourne part, and he's on the verge of dropping another. He's been building the scene in his home town of Malmo, making magazines, art, music and DIY skate spots, this clip has been out for a second but god damn it this bloke knows what he's doing even when cruising.

This is from Brandon Biebel's twitter, unbelievable!

One of the greatest movies of all time, for those of you that will never get around to watching it, here are some of the highlights!

Do yourself a favor and educate yourself:

The final skate clip this week is from one of France's finest who has also chosen to dip out of the limelight momentarily, hopefully to reappear soon; JJ Rousseau skates when he wants to, when this was filmed 8 years ago, that was all the time. For the second week in a row, here is a part from Puzzle video magazine: