Federico Vitetta has not only been melting your face with his talents behind the lens with all the Lakai commercials he has been directing
he's also seriously on the case when it comes to spotting amazing skaters from a mile off. This part from Erik Pettersson has landed him a connection with the Flare, it's the best part I have seen from Europe in a while:

Seeing all the Barcelona spots in Erik's part made us both sad that we didn't live there anymore, there are so many amazing skaters there, Brandon Biebel's favourite flat land skater Daniel Lebron being one of them. Here is an old part of Dani from L.A. County before he u-turned back to Spain. Hasta hora Dani!

Dani Lebron was not actually born in Barcelona, in fact a huge amount of the people who live there and skate are not from Barcelona, one of it's rising stars coming from Austria but living in Barcelona is Chris Pfanner who you should know by now is pflipping amazing. Here is his part from The Done DVD (no K.C. links)

Sometimes Daniel or Jesus Fernandez would have Javier Sarmiento stay at their house, this guy is so unbelievably good to watch in real life, talk about enough to make a grown man cry, any of the tricks that you see him do in a video part he is just as likely to do messing about with no one watching. Serious class:

The best place I visited outside of Barcelona was the Basque Country in the North; the visual atmos is high, the food is amazing, the spots are pinnacle and the locals are all iceberg cool. Alain Goiketxea is from Basque Country and is an Exocet missile on any terrain, serious precision destruction. This is his part that dropped in the Alai Ole video 3 or so years ago: