Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (7.2.10)

Just like some of the best and worst coaches in the World Cup football right now, I'm switching up the format of the videos this week to a 3-2 formation to keep the skate gods happy but maybe have an eye on something amusing outside of our wonderful seven-ply world. When I was younger I used to watch this part on pretty heavy rotation and whilst I'm sure someone is going to have issues with the French hip hop, I'm definitely down for it and holy shit, JB drops some serious BMW flat ground in this part.

Turns out that JB is not the only one with some serious flat skills:

Staying on the subject of serious flat, for those of you I haven't convinced yet that Lucas is the most bad boy skater on the planet, check this kickflip out:

By this stage I'm sure that some of you are getting frustrated with how much air time the French are getting here with all their marble plazas, libertarian laws and beautiful women. Lets get something a bit more America in here:

Ok ok, chill out. Forget about that last clip. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Cliché skateboards was run out of a garage, Lucas Puig was barely on Cliché flow, and no one really knew how amazing Spain was to skate. Jeremie Daclin knew, this was Cliché's first real US appearance, I'm sure you'll concur with the pinnicality. See you next week.