Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (7.16.10)

We're going to get started this week with one of the most stylish skaters out there, who might be finding himself in front of Mister Chris Ray's lens a lot. Who knows? You'll have to wait and see, in the meantime sit back and enjoy this clip and think about loosening your trucks a quarter of a turn.

Talking of Chris Ray, last week, Dreww36 left a tribute video link up after the Keenan Milton clip and it was actually a piece edited by Ray Ray dedicated to one of his best friends. Skateboarding brings you a lot closer to people than most normal world friendships, this week's youtubes are dedicated to Josh Martin Klingler and all the skate homies you've all got worldwide.

I was just up in Sacto skating with Chris Ray, we've got the new TransWorld video going already and Hallelujah has not even hit the shelves yet, that's just how Holland and Ray do. Anyway, I was sharing a room with Mike Anderson and one night he was YouTube browsing and he came up on this Aileen Wuornos interview, it's pretty crazy. I like the way the Johnny Layton's brother-looking cop in the background is fighting hard to stop himself laughing which is pretty ballsy considering how gnarly Aileen is:

Mike was obviously not convinced that all the serial killer talk was a good enough guarantee for nightmares, so he dredged this up from the bowel of Satan:

Element Europe has an amazing vibe going, depending on your stance on certain issues, you could find yourself saying that you prefer it to the main Element thing. This is neither the time or the place for such a discussion, I'm just saying; either way, they just dropped the best video I have seen in a really long time, it's all HD, has amazing spots and features rippers you probably have not heard of yet like Madars Apse: