The skate gods must have a sense of humor; sometimes they bestow the most talent on kids in the most unskateable places in the world. One night they beamed an extra dose of pixie dust into the Arctic Circle and a little kid with a hole in his heart got hit with a full dose. Arto made it out of the ice and killed it in Menikmati, but his onslaught in this video left spots all over the world looking straight Bagdad. Sprinkle another kid from another pretty unskateble area (bar Cowley Road mini, sorry Oxford) at the beginning and you've got cosmic brew:

Daewon Song is a virtuoso skateboarder, after killing the crop circle picnic table constructions then dropping every manual combo possible, he's now killing tranny. I just watched this part today, the precision on display is phenomenal:

Jon Holland and Ty Evans put out this video 10 years ago! Just goes to show that quality, over Web content still is and always will be the way, even if you do end up watching it on YouTube, it's just different… Tre flip at the end of the DWP line in his sleep!

So now that I'm three skate parts deep I'm really beginning to wish that I had mixed in some funnies, but if we're going to be getting that epic this week, I have no choice but to throw down the x-x x-y up up down down secret move; 14 years old but some how not a single trick in the whole part ever ages, I can't believe this video part only has 16,860 views, do yourself a favor and watch it atleast three times right now, and yes the trippy glitch makes it better:

If we're talking about the ultimate quality vintage parts, this is surely the ultimate vintage brandy that world leaders, oil tycoons and drug czars only get out to drink when serious people come to stay. Pat Duffy, Questionable. See you next week for a return to random comedy: