Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (8.7.10)

Sorry we’re missing a video this week, there was an epic Appleyard remix video but it just got cockblocked by YouTube. Enjoy these 4 treats.

This first video comes via John Maguire and Kyle Leeper; the Beez have been on heavy rotation on every etnies trip I have ever been on, whilst it is unrealistic it still makes me sad that I will never see these guys on the podium at the TWS awards picking up "Best Video" award. "This is the avant-garde of modern street skating."--John Rattray

Mike Mo Capaldi is the choice of the new generation. This is why:

Thanks to Blair Alley for digging up this 400 viewed treat from the God Father:

Slappysforlife was bummed on a lack of Cardiel last week, sorry mate, I just throw them out as them come. Cardiel deserves an entire week to himself, in the meantime, here is another gem that our video department has done you the favor of preserving forever, the only J.C. with religious connotations for me, I think he showed up on the air traffic control radar at the airport when he sailed that backside air at Ripon!