Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (8.13.10)

Ewan Bowman misses the funny clips in these top fives, so this week’s mixed content is dedicated to Flip Productions' finest human being and ultimate Bowlosopher "One way goes one way, the other goes another way.” Another Flip filming maestro, Chris Gregson has always hyped his homey from Chicago, all I can say having seen Jon Dickson skate in real life is that he's a straight up skate serial killer, this bloke is the ultimate wicked twista. I could watch this part all day, so should you:

This one comes from Matt Hensley, one of the most insane YouTubes I have ever seen; I'm not sure what is crazier: the fact that the woman with the camera keeps filming and doesn't shoo her kids along, or the woman who says "You're my friend!" I'd like to know what she gets up to behind closed doors with her "friends"…

This is a contender for one of the gnarliest skate clips ever filmed:

A while back I posted an ICP clip, I'd never even heard of the phenomenon until really recently, not only is the music off the hook, check out the girls you can link with at a Juggalo gig!

Skateboard royalty, witness the legitness: