What better way to start the week than with Danny Brady. This is for a Nokia ad and as far as people from outside skating portraying skating, I think that it might be the best commercial yet. Check it out:

The Simpsons has had so many amazing collaborations I the past but this one is beyond the pinnacle:

I can only imagine how the brainstorming went down to come up with this sporting event: "Hey Randy, what if we could combine the average American male's two favourite past times: watching American football and checking out the kind of chicks you see on Budweiser posters?!" Welcome to lingerie football, here is a view from the crowd, talk about testosterone zone!

A long time ago I saw some footage of a bloke surfing the bullet train in Germany. I was looking for it again this week and found this interview with the man himself:

If Danny Brady was the best way to spark it this week, why not close out with him too? This is his part from the pinnacle 2005 Blueprint release Lost and Found. Watch this part and go skate!