Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (12.4.09)

There is absolutely no theme to this week's YouTubes which is somewhat fitting since most internet entertainment suits the ADD'd; it's our perfect medium! First up is the most phenomenal dog clip I have seen for a long time, the single minded pursuit of the ball by this beastickle is nothing short of inspirational:

Before skateboarding took a hold of my every waking minute, soccer was all I cared about, the highlight of the week coming on Saturday morning when you would go to the local sports field and play a match against another school watched only by a couple of teachers and some over enthusiastic parents who looking back definitely needed some sort of therapy, because there is no way that an under 12's soccer match should mean that much to anyone. Random funny stuff would always happen but was never recorded, this clip is dedicated to those lost moments:

Sometimes I'd go and watch the rally driving with my Dad, he used to be the navigator in a rally car so he would always know the best places to stand that were exciting but relatively low risk. I love this clip because normally rally car Vs. man ends in multiple flips for the human—this is about as close as it gets… more motorsports next week.

Whilst most people think that drug dealers have the most shameful job in society, I personally think that meter maids are pretty close; I understand that there are certain places that you can't park at certain times because it messes up the flow of traffic or blocks the exit of a fire station, but some of the tickets you get are ridiculous: Paul Shier got one on the Blueprint van this week for having the tail end of the van in a red zone at 3:35am!!! Too much dedication to be writing tickets at that time. This lady does what I have dreamed of doing many times, hooray for the normally double criticized woman Asian driver!

Keeping it in Asia, I know that there are millions of people who have seen this Gou video part, but lately I have run into a few people who have not, so I have to pass this one on for those in the dark. Next week something more underground I promise! Stay Pinnacle out there!