As your attorney I advise you to watch as much footage of Pete Eldridge as possible. If YouTube was like magnetic tape, this part would be glitching like crazy on my computer:

I apologize in advance for the music in the following video, the mute button is an option but i have to admit the music adds an appropriate atmosphere:

If David Gonzales had not managed to get a skateboard under his feet to sustain his thrill seeking, I could imagine him laid out on the tracks with these fellow countrymen:

this late entry from Benny Maglinao must have been breath taking to see in real life. please note, despite the barbaric appearance of this scenario, there is plenty of sportsmanship exhibited in these organized battles: each side has predetermined equal numbers, set times for fighting are agreed upon and weapons are frowned upon; how very gentlemanly!

Manolo’s Tapes are at the apex of pinnacle: