Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (12.23.10)

Ben Nordberg has gone home now, hope to see you soon rude boy. It's snowing like a mo fo in the U.K. right now, you know his indoor park rippage show cased in this here clip is going down everyday.

In the same way that Andrew Reynolds never disappoints with a video part, those Russians NEVER disappoint with the most psycho clips ever. Ballistic adrenaline rush on a Baltic day:

This clip is from Australia and is so wrong but funny none the less.

The latest banger from Printin’ Money Productions

I know that everyone bleats on about how epic skating used to be and how different it is now, but one thing that I really miss is friends’ montages in videos. Zero's were always epic, Pablo Dominguez switch flip is a beautiful prequel to the Barcelona blowout.