Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (12.11.09)

This week I've made a little collection of clips based on the people who made them as much as the people in them. There are other filmers that I would like to have included, Federico Vitetta, Ewan Bowman, and Mike Manzoori to name a few, but these just happened to be the first five that cropped up. Do a YouTube search for them if you feel like it. Blueprint has been flying the flag for European skating as long as any company in Europe, it's skateboarders from the ground up, it's straight pinnacle for days since day one. Dan Magee designs the graphics, films and edits the videos and keeps the team straight, he's a jack-of-all-trades and master of most of them. The latest Blueprint installment Make Friends With The Colour Blue drops Spring '10, in the meantime this is Nick Jensen's part from their last video, Lost And Found:

Jason Hernandez is one of the most inspirational creative people I have ever met. He's got a super human work ethic and can get shots that would make Michael Mann sit up and take note. Before he made Nike's video Debacle, he was working for Adio, here is a collection of some footage from that time period.

Fred Mortagne is definitely cut from a different cloth to the majority of people putting videos together, he's always a step ahead and he had the integrity to walk away from several heavy paychecks in favor of making the videos he wanted to make back in France. Restepka. This clip was a collaboration with Leo from the epic skateboard magazine from France Chill and ended up on the Hello Jojo Cliché DVD. Chill was my favorite skate magazine ever, if you ever see one pick it up and check it out, all 14 issues were pinnacle.

Before Stereo, Olly Todd used to skate for a UK company called Landscape and Chris Massey made them a video. It was far from a big budget affair but making scrilla was not what any of them were in it for, it was straight love and I think that really shines through in this part of Toddy who was working in a skate shop at the time and trying to clock street time after work on the cold streets of London.

The final clip this week is from a very innovative filmer who figured out a lot of angles and edit vibes in the days before the Century Fisheye. He filmed people who rode 60mm wheels, pole jammed everything in sight and spent hours blasting through rough East Coast streets cracking ollies over drain covers and making it look amazing. The Eastern Exposure series made places like London seem like one of the best places in the world to skate when all the videos previously had been strictly palm trees. Here is the NYC section from EE3, keep your eyes peeled for the Gino clip ollieing into a bank: