Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (3.10.11)

It’s been a nostalgic week on YouTube; I re-found this Kenny Anderson part that was floating around on an Adio DVD a while back, the little switch speed check at 19 seconds sets the subtly smooth meter for this part…

Then I took the time machine even further back to 1994 and a time period responsible for all the Half Cab nostalgia. Carl Shipman, power level 10.

This clip is from the SLAP channel, Pontus Alv’s latest visual vibe, In Search of the Miraculous. Pontus will skate absolutely anything in his path.

If we’re talking spots, is it possible to leave this guy out? Bobby Puleo with a spot book of heart breaking beauty.

Closing up like with the same VHS that we checked in with, is this video really 17 years old? Jason Lee shows us why he’s always in those top 3 flips of all time lists…


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