As far as skateboarding has globally spread from the limited edition urban fresh fiends of New York, to the slasher hesh heads of Sweden to the undiscovered rippers in China, at it's inception, all these different vibes came from one place: surfing. Netflixing Dog Town and the Z Boys is probably a better long length look into these roots, I'm going to set us off with someone who features early in the surf story and should need no introduction. Natas Kaupas out pinnacles most of the next 25 years of street skating two tricks in…

When you see someone who's sick at surfing and witness their board control, you know they could kill tranny, the two are so close. The late and very great Andy Irons let's you know what's up with his last video part in TransWorld's High 5:

Surfing's mega ramp:

Skaters and surfers are both threatened by their environments. Skater's deal with street sketchers and cops, surfers deal with mother nature. Click to 1:04 to see what the sea is capable of:

Kyle Leeper continues Natas' legacy with smooth originality in and out of the water: