Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (5.26.11)

This weeks YouTubes is dedicated to one of the most iconic skaters to ever step foot on a skateboard. Not only does Muska have the plywood skills, his infectious positivity and good nature can inspire even the borderline suicidal to get up and have some fun. Toy Machine's Welcome To Hell is already one of the most legendary pieces of VHS, but can you imagine if this part had made it in also?

Communication break down led to Chad leaving Toy before Welcome dropped. Shorty's expanded into deck production and gave Chad the reigns to hand pick a team, one of whom was the stupendously under-rated Steve Olson.

Sammy Baptista was another Muska homey on the Shorty's squad, even as a little kid he could mix up tech with the finest. Whenever I see Sammy around he's always skating and positive vibing, he's one of the good ones for sure. This is his part from skatesauce.com.

To talk Muska and not Penny is a crime. Seemingly inseparable at one point, I can only imagine some of the undocumented sessions that went down with these two:

Muska in the first try zone. If you're ever in Westwood you should go and check out that rail he grinds for his last trick; it's at 10501 Wilshire at the Warner intersection, I doubt we'll ever see anyone else touch that thing it's got death written all over it!