We've got a scattered collection of videos this weeks, I went back to this one after watching Ricky Oyola's Epicly Later’d, that 50 on the up bar is bananas!

I can't get enough of this Palace New York tour video, think of how sterile a lot of tour videos people put out are, then watch this:

Chewy Canon kills it in that last video, for those who have not seen him in the adidas video Diagonal, his part is pinnacle:

The adidas Diagonal video has been getting a lot of air time around my way lately, Seb Daurel has a very eclectic part with all sorts of madness in it, here is his latest part from Minuit:

Toby Shuall closes out this week with his Landscape part from the hands of Chris Massey, uber spots, amazing flow and the best front nollie heel on the planet: