Pete Eldridge and Cliché officially announced their partnership this week, I've ABPed this one a few times but it's 9 years deep and it never gets old!

A Twistie Fail never fails:

Raisin man dropped off a banger in a previous OBTFYOTW with his hit "It Wasn't Clean", he has been at it again with a new smash hit "Pushin' Mongo"!

Glamorizing drugs and the good times that can be had with them is all the rage in popular culture at the moment. Whilst I can not confirm or deny these claims, I can offer this time lapse of Kelly Hart's boo, Lindsay Lohan as evidence of the downside of the good times:

No lackluster Lohan here, this part is clean as a whistle. Scott Johnston with German engineering precision at break-neck speeds.