Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Cinematographer Project

This week’s tubes are inspired by the release of The Cinematographer Project which features a pirates bevy of unbelievable skating. You can check the site here for local premieres and where you can buy a Disc or Download, if you need any convincing check out Evan Smith's part:

Mike Manzoori has a section filmed entirely at night in Cinematographer, his Kyle Leeper Rain or Shine part was the TransWorld staff's pick for Best Concept Video of the year:

Torsten Frank has the opener and it's pinnacle: Gonz talks about serious and Jurgen Horwath gets high altitude in a ridiculous full pipe. Here is Dennis Busenitz’ part from the adidas Diagonal video directed by Torsten.

Bill Strobeck's part features that Royal Ad kickflip from this gentlman:

Limitless By Design: