Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Early 90s

The last few months I've been watching a lot of early 90's videos, going back to the source of what set it off for me. I know a lot of people identify that 96/97 Mouse/Triology/EE3 zone as the "Golden Era" but early 90's were pinnacle too! The diversity was there, you had people going big:

You had sick parts with trippy videos from Dayton, Ohio that featured skaters still directing the course of skateboarding today:

How am I supposed to write a sentence about how this Gonz/Spike/Video Days situation arguably changed skateboarding more than anything since the invention of the urethane wheel?

Talking of wheels, how about some 64mms!

In the scheme of things the Gonz/Spike/Video Days clip undoubtedly has the furthest reach, but I'd have to say that for me personally, this clip had the biggest influence on me from butchering brand new shoes, butchering bleached hair do's and butchering the speakers on my Dad's TV. The music has been changed for copyright reason….