OBTFYTOTW is dedicated to enjoi this week, a company that has kept its core ethos of fun above all else at the centre of its vibe since the beginning. Talking of beginnings, Marc Johnson gave birth to enjoi at the turn of the century whilst simultaneously dropping a part in the Tilt Mode Army's Tilt Mode. A year later Marc proved that he could blister your eyeballs just cruising in the 2001 release Tilt Mode Army, Man Down:

When the skating is that good, the only person who can follow up with more hammer than Home Depot, Twistie:

The Jester of enjoi and captain of all fun, Mister Louie Barletta:

Twistie has been a busy man of late, looks like he's even getting into some editing augmentation!

Ben Raemers is ridiculously good and represents one part of the huge squad of next generation rippers that Matt Eversole has been genetically engineering in his San Jose lab. Just before the creative hiatus, éS footwear put out this part of him: