Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: éS Memoriam Pt 2

Round two of our éS memoriam and a six vid special, we hop to the present and Stevie Perez who was featured in the last éS ad. Featured here in an Elwood section, Stevie Perez is headed for the pinnacle.

Searching for Bobby Worrest footage turned into a bit of a marathon, this guy has put out so many amazing parts from Krooked videos, éSpecial, Get Familiar to name a few. This is his part from the TWS video Right Foot Forward:

Not mentioning PJ in an éS feature would be like missing out Koston. He repped that Accel harder than anyone, I had two pairs of his brown "B" Boston colorway Accels and they were amazing. PJ filmed this part in a matter of months, Scuba Steve killing it as always…

Mike Anderson's have fun skating vibe is more infectious than a good dose of E.coli. Straight up legend at 20.

When you go out skating with Rodrizzy, you can play Tony Hawk’s Playstation with him, you just tell him any trick and he can do it, even if he has never tried it before. Once I asked him what the secret was to having so much pop, to which he replied: "I don't know, you just lift up your feet!"

Last part in the last video, Crankers draws the curtains, remember to check es-days.tumblr.com: