This week's YouTubes are dedicated to the people who played a major inspiring role in etnies' Skate & Create, both in 2010 and back in 'Nam. Let's start this off with someone who was no stranger to the World Park but is O.G. enough to have have footage in the original indoor T.F. One of the coolest human beings I have ever met on the face of planet Earth, Mike Santarossa:

A World Park regular and regulator, one of skateboarding's most un-sung innovators, Mister Shiloh Greathouse and his 1993 video part from New World Order:

Jeremy Wray is a thoroughbred race horse, this bloke has more explosive power than the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant. His part in Second Hand Smoke was a serious face melter for me, the best blog on the net's version has had the sound track removed so here is another part from a year later, 1995's XYZ video with some heavyweight cameos:

Kareem Campbell is so legendary, there is not an expletive in the English language to preface how pinnacle he is. Everyone was uber hyped he made the trip out to California to be a part of the project, major shout out to 'Reem:

Shed a tear in the name of nostalgia, skateboarding was, is and always will be the best thing ever: