Since I've been in Kansas City this week, I've been to a lot of gnarly spots where the same name keeps popping up during the who did the craziest trick conversations, and it wasn't Sean Malto's. The underground ruler clip goes to KC Killer Ryan Pearce. This part is from the last Escapist video Fourteen Deep, the new video with all the gnarly tricks I've been hearing about will be dropping from Ryan Lovell's VX soon, in the meantime, check this clip and the escapist site at:

Jon LaJoie is one of the funniest human beings on the planet, someone needs to use this track for their video part. Check out the remix round two of this track and also "High As F—k":

This following clip is Sean Malto's nomination for Friday's best clip, unfortunately whilst it's on YouTube, you'll need an account to view it so you'll have to follow the link to another site to check it. Shake Junt G Code fo Sho!

Mark Appleyard is a YouTube-aholic, he hooked me up with this one God only knows how he came up on it. This is one of the most unbelievable clips out there, it gets especially bizzarro around 1.15.

Big news on YouTube this week involved the most viewed clip ever; previously belonging to a dance video, British clip "Charlie Bit Me" now claims the prestigious crown of most viewed of all time with over 130 million hits! For those of you who have not yet seen this piece of history, check it out here and ask yourself why?