Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Heath Kirchart Vibe

It looks like it might be over. After watching through all of Heath’s video parts this week and reminding myself how ground breaking they have all been (both in terms of tricks and carcasses thrown into the ground), here are a few selections. First up, a “hostile” part with a life threatener at the beginning, the Emerica video This Is Skateboarding:

The Birdhouse video The End featured Heath alongside regular sidekick Jeremy Klein; greenery got crushed, El Toro introduced itself with a lipslide and a truck ride and the level of skating hit gnar-code status:

The Boss knows:

Tempting flat bar fate in the rain and the first ever kickflip back lip on a rail:

The last video is a re-edit of Heath’s Sight Unseen part, go and legally check out Mindfield and the Emerica video for the pinnacle:


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