This video got me so inspired that I've decided to dedicate this entire week's YouTubes to John Rattray. Maybe it's because John Rattray drank rainwater off the flat-bottom of the Westburn Park mini ramp, whatever the reason he never fails, here is his Elwood artist reel.

The Highlands are just as pinnacle in real life as they look here:

This promo video came out in 1998. Originally rejected by 411VM, the world of pre-internet skateboard video airtime was cock-block central back then, thankfully skateboarding is a little more internationally aware these days. Four minutes and 34 seconds of amazing British skateboarding right here:

This film is uber, definitely one of the best movies ever, check it out if you have never seen it.

This is John’s part from Blueprint's Waiting For The World. I remember thinking that the limit of John's skating seemed to have no boundaries at this point. He learned new tricks with ease and dropped bangers with such nonchalance it was truly a privilege to see firsthand. For more recent Rattrayism, check out