Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: NYC Edition

This week's youtubes comes to you from New York; we've been out here for the last 10 days getting last minute clips for Hallelujah before banishing Jon Holland off to the edit dungeon, the video is going to be superb! We've skated so far and seen so many un-skated or barely skated spots, I've felt like this guy at times and I can see where his addiction comes from:

Of the spots that we have seen that have been skated, 99% of them have had a trick done on them by this next bloke: Zered has left his mark in no uncertain terms all over this city:

Trenton's finest Pete Eldridge was killing it the whole time we were out here, this part is  ridiculous by anyone's standards:

I'm well aware of the fact that Jason Dill is from California, but he's also one of the only skaters to reverse the brain drain and move out East to skate. Dill is one of the most interesting skaters of all time and I think that this is one of his best parts:

Bill Strobeck's filming graces us once again with more pinnacle footage. Are you seeing a pattern?! I just can't get enough of this guy: some Anthony Papalardo skateboarding at it's finest: