Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Stevie Themed

This week Stevie Williams announced his return to the shoe game with his arrival at Supra footwear and to celebrate we are going to check out 5 Stevie themed videos. First off, some recent Stevie footage promoting "The Takeover Tour" with street BMXer and retail entrepreneur, Nigel Silvester.

Kevin Taylor's part in the Aesthetics video was sick: love park for days, 16mm Stevie Williams tricks and footage of the ridiculous backside noseblunt TransWorld cover. There is some bonus Clyde Singleton footage at the end of this edit…

Does it get more G than kickflipping a bike with spinners in a Three 6 Mafia video?

Josh Kalis put out this part in the legendary Alien Workshop release, Timecode, 15 years ago and it's still fresh. Switch back tail Hubba?!

"Run skate chill, Run skate chill". Straight legendary. A lot of VHS tapes went to heaven rewinding this part, thank-you Jon Holland and Ty Evans for putting this one out on DVD. Stevie Williams, The Reason: