Sunday April 22 would’ve been Van Wastell's 28th birthday; this week's YouTubes are dedicated to Van, I highly suggest you head over to where you can find photos, videos, and tributes from Van's friends and his brother Eddie. Starting at the beginning, Van in Consolidated's 1999 release What It Is.

It seems like everyone that Van grew up skating with was amazing, Justin Case for example, who was exceptionally good. This is Justin's part from Logic Skateboard Media Issue 06 which dropped in 2001.

It became instantly clear from the casual nature of that first front Smith in Krooked's 2006 release The Krooked Khronicles that the mini Van from What It Is had morphed  into a thoroughbred power house.

Cast from the same mold even down to sharing the same birthday, Van and Mike Anderson were like two peas in a pod.

Joe Krolick finishes the week with a Podcast edit he put together of Van.