Youtube Friday 6th November 2009

It's time to kick start Friday and this one gets me pretty amped; its pretty well known but it's worth putting out there for anyone who hasn't checked it out. Harder than a Tyson knockout, best be careful next time you think you can get away with talking sh-t to an old lady when she kicks you out of a spot!

This clip that Baron hooked me up with is heavier than swimming in sweat pants, I think Baron's turned secret metaller since having a compressor discussion with Dave Lombardo. Metallica fan Brandon Cook rips the shit out of the frets on this, like 'Tallica or not, you have to respect the burn on this one!

"Entertainers" like Britney Spears and all the other Hollywood twats out there think they know what it means to blow it in public thanks to a bit of Roman Times, but it's the stars of yesterday who can really teach these rebellious scamps a thing or two. James Brown shows us here on live CNN exactly how to hide the fact that your high as f—k. just quite clearly state at the beginning of the interview, "There's nothing wrong!" Simple! The interviewer deserves restepka for cruising through those four minutes…

Sean Malto's Stanky Leg got such an enthusiastic response in last weeks YouTube, it's only right that I warn you of the dangers that come with acting on your animal instinct; summed up perfectly in this commercial.

My nomination for this weeks underground ruling video part is from someone I've thought is amazing since the first time I saw him skating in early Puzzle Videos and 411 thirtysomething where he's blasting around Creteil in a Paris world report. LuyPa Sin in the Nomad video A Nomad Point Of View, when was the last time you saw someone do fakie shove-it flip then switch shove it flip down the doubles at Le Dome and make it look that good? Be like water my friend.