Olympus X Games Insider Gallery Day Five

As far as skateboarding, day five of X Games 2010 wrapped up with the Women’s Street Final and the Park competition final for pros and legends. The fervor’s usually died down by the last day and it’s more like smooth sailing from then on. Whether you’ve been working the last five days, actually skating or just watching, Sunday at the X Games feels like a Sunday anywhere else – kinda sleepy. Still, there’s a little to witness, here, so enjoy. Thanks again to Olympus, everyone who made the whole event possible and Mike Sinclair for some pics. I just spiked my Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 into the ground in excitement and it’s still working. Stoked. – Josh Brooks


There wasn’t a ton from the girl’s street finals, but what did go down was pretty rad. Leticia Bufoni was ripping. In the end, she secured second with Alexis Sablone taking first and Marisa Dal Santo in third, after having won the last two years. Well deserved for Alexis. Remember?


Bastian Salabanzi and Converse’s Steve Luther watch the ladies. The ladies did great, but the vibe was mellow.


Then, some of the dudes from the Real Street contest started rolling around, showing that the skills are not only for video. Nick Trapasso with a back lip.


Tommy Sandoval with a frontside ollie in the  tea cup.


Nick T smithereens.


An as always casual back lipslide from the top.


Boosh, Nick T and Sierra Fellers cruisin’ the course.


Nick T back D.


Chris Pastras asks Tommy Sandoval questions about Real Street and living in the virtual world.


Sandoval and his lady watch on to see who won. And…


…it’s Nick Trapasso in first, Tommy Sandoval in second, Tony Tave in third, Sierra Fellers in fourth.


The face of stoke mixed with a dab of confusion of what happens next.


Then, Pat “The Sinner” Pasquale was celebrating the Real Street with the homey Nick Trapasso.


You know Windsor James was all up in there cheering everyone on, especially his teammate.


Now that’s a podium. From left to right, Tommy Sandoval, Nick Trapasso and Tony Tave. Nick Trapasso got first, Sandoval got second and Tave got third.


“This is crazy, man. Lemme get a picture of  you.” Tony Tave fans out on the competition.


The face of excitement and a solid $50,000 prize. Good on ya, Nick.


Legends finals went down. Two of these dudes finished in the top three. Chrisitan Hosoi got first and Steve Caballero got third. Lance got fifth and Chris Miller (not pictured) got second.


Then the park finals went down after that.


Rune was rolling, but he couldn’t get into the top three. Lipslide the pool corner coping.


Curren Caples continued his destruction. Frontside flip to fourth place. There was some uncertainty there, as Kevin Kowalski seemed to tie with Curren, but Kowalski finally took third.


Andy MacDonald was at it, as always, in those plaid shorts. Dude kills it, coming in second behind Pedros Barros and his ridiculous 540s. For more of an insider feel from the park and the X Games as a whole, check day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4 as well.

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