Olympus gave us their new water- and shockproof Stylus Tough 8010 cameras to get the insider perspective from people with the most access to the 16th Summer X Games. So, our friend and Tum Yeto everyman team manager, Mike Sinclair, was there yesterday, snapping shots of some of skating’s best in practice. If last year’s X Games 15 was in a white dress hitting a piñata for it’s Quinceañera, this year it’s got its driver’s license and it’s cruisin’ – it’s all up at the Staple Center in downtown LA, the street and park courses are looking pretty bonkers and the best have come out to roll–Josh Brooks


If I were a commentator at the X Games, I’d be like “David Gravette defies GRAVITY on this ollie one-foot!” then I’d drop the mic, triumphantly celebrating my on-point announcing, and walk out of the booth.


Collin Provost gives it a thumbs up. A lot easier than Stay Gold, I’m sure.


The media catch up with Sheckler after being out for the better part of last year with an injury he sustained in X Games 15. Doesn’t look like it’s hindering him, though. You see practice?


Johnny Layton made it out. Anyone seen this, by the way? Get paid!


Thumbs up…universal sign for “I like!”


Marc Appleyard made it out to practice with a very interesting new board. One love.


Nick Trapasso check in.


Bless it! Bless the check in! Bless everyone.


Friend, facilitator and stylist to all skateboard stars, Boosh (right) and Nick Trapasso. That’s correct. Even X Games is not an official skateboard event unless Boosh is there.


A Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi legend sandwich.


Robocop and his shin guards. Looks like this is the non-skater’s shinner protector.


Brazilian Pedro Barros was there ripping the park, as always. Frontside air.


Taylor Bingaman was there. Backside tailslide. If you don’t know, you’ll know. Hallelujah officially released yesterday. Buy it here.


Pedro Barros bonelesses from shallow to deep.


Taylor again, making it look fun. Method.


The course looks insane. Chad Bartie ollies over the part I like to call the “Nun’s Headdress.” Check back for more inside shots from today.

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