On The Floor At ASR

What is the ASR you might be asking yourself? The ASR (Action Sports Retailer) is where all the prominent skateboard companies emerge upon either San Diego or Long Beach every six months and show you their latest offerings. I had been secretly anticipating the ritual of this affliction called ASR for the past month. After all Osiris was premiering The Storm and the eye candy on the showroom floor is always top notch.

Day 1

There is this little black box that sits next to my bed called an alarm clock. It is suppose to wake me up. I don’t think a bulldozer could wake me up. Such was the case when Thursday morning rolled around. The live Mike Vallely chat was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. That gave me 30 minutes to get my badge and meet Mike at the Transworld booth. I had been having reoccurring dreams this past week of a Hacker named Harry who’s ultimate goal was to destroy our live chats that skateboarding.com was hosting. On my way to meet Mike I ran into a few people who told me I looked “Stressed”, Of course I’m stressed I thought, Hacker Harry is going to destroy us and I’m late for the live chat.

After finally making my way to the Transworld booth I noticed Mike was there and the chat had begun. People were logged on and questions were streaming. Gonzo was regulating the room and I’m pretty sure Mike was happy with the questions kids were asking. I wanted to apologize to Mike for being a few minutes late but I don’t think he would understand my nightmare of Hacker Harry and how a Bulldozer can’t wake me up, so if your reading this Mike sorry for being a few minutes late. After an hour of chatting and product giveaways the chat ended smoothly. I shook Mike’s hand and thanked him for being a part of our future. Hopefully we’ll get another chat session with Mike soon. Thanks to Gonzo and his IRC opp skills Hacking Harry had no chance of infiltrating the room, if only Gonzo had Sony alarm clock opps life would be good.

As the 3 o’clock hour was approaching A thought ran across my head “Where is the Muska?” At 4:00 p.m. the same thought came across my head. People were logged on and Chad was nowhere to be found. The Circa guys came by and apologized for his delay. Apparently he was stuck somewhere in San Clemente, a good hour or so away from the ASR show. Fortunately luck was on my side today as I conned Transworld SKATEboarding editor in chief Dave Swift to take over controls. The questions stopped going from “This sucks…where is the Muska?” to “What kind of wide-angle lens do you use?” Thanks Swift for helping out a homie in need. I guess Chad finally showed up to chat at 5:30 but our IRC opp Gonzo was out skating and I went to check out the Modart opening that was starting at 6:00 p.m.

I’ve never been to an art show opening. I was actually expecting a bunch of artist types standing around sipping wine and admiring each other and the blank canvases that hang on the wall. I guess that only happens in the movies as I was pleasantly surprised to see some amazing work from many of skateboardings top artists including Thomas Campbell, Miki Vuckovich, Atiba Jefferson, Damon Way, Ako Jefferson and many more. I wish I had more time to soak it all in, but the most highly publicized skateboard video of the show The Storm was premiering in 15 minutes at Speckles theatre.

Kevin Kostner made a movie called Waterworld, It cost an outrageous amount of money in both production and promotions. When it was released no one bothered to check it out. Waterworld crossed my mind a few times on the way to Spreckles theatre. But as I approached the theatre my mind frame quickly changed to The Titanic. Limos and bright lights were everywhere. After finally making my way through the screaming mob of youngsters. I grabbed a seat and was not disappointed with what The Storm had to offer. I mean there were some cheesy parts but the skating was top notch. Jerry Hsu, Chad Fernandez, Chris Dobstoff as well of the rrest of the team who all had amazing parts. Thumbs up to Osiris for living up to the hype and coming through with this video.

Day 2

I must admit I was a little discouraged by Chad not showing up on time to the chat. And had doubts about Josh Kalis making it. The scheduled chat was 3:00 p.m., so when I heard that Josh showed up at 2:00 p.m. to make sure it was happening I knew that it was on. Josh was one of the most pleasant people to work with. The room was packed and questions were streaming constantly.

Josh seemed pretty psyched on the whole concept. Even by having to repeat questions over and over again. Next thing I knew the hour was up and Josh was on his way back to the DC booth and I had a boat to catch.

After the chat I came back to the same place I was a few hours ago, a yacht stocked full of refreshments, good food and friends. What is a pleasant change from the handshaking fluorescent madness that transpires inside. At 5:00 p.m. the yacht took off for a brief cruise around the bay. A good time was had by all and I don’t think anyone got seasick. Thanks to Tod and the Tumyeto crew for inviting me aboard the SS Swank.

Refreshments, bikini clad girls, handshakes, seeing old friends, fluorescent lights, video premieres, security guards, skateboarders, rock stars and hours on your feet. It all happens here. So if you ever get a chance to check out the ASR show don’t pass it up. But watch out for the food, I heard that they put Salt Peter in it.