On The Radar: Worrest, Duffel, Ryan, Silas, Curtin

A couple of weeks back I posted an article of photos and videos of some underground rippers, here’s the same deal with a few fellas you may know a little better

Bobby Worrest, Backside Smithgrind

Bobby Worrest
This photo is from a filming trip to Vegas for Right Foot Forward, and something a bit different for Bobby, he really can skate anything. His part in Right Foot Forward was my favorite of the video, the Ultramagnetic MC’s track fit him so perfectly, pretty insane that he also flowed so well to Fugazi’s Waiting Room in Chris Hall’s Get Familiar too.

Walker Ryan, Varial Heelflip

Walker Ryan
I skated with Walker a bunch recently and he’s been tearing shit up, brace yourself for his new C1RCA ad! Anyways you’ve probably seen his new SHUFFL Video part so I’ll take it back a little to his part in the Organika vid Zach and Walker’s Concrete Jungle.

Corey Duffel, Ollie

Corey Duffel
Another gem out in Duffelland, Corey bones out a beastly ollie. He’s had tons of parts, but my favorite has to be in Foundation’s Cataclysmic Abyss, the Dead Moon track, the China ollie where he nearly powerslides into homeboy, the fakie ollie slam, the nollie bigspin into the car, the backlip in San Leandro that still tweaks people out whenever they look at that spot, it’s all so raw.

Silas Baxter Neal, Ollie up Gap to Backside Lipslide

I spent a good amount of time with Silas over the past year shooting his Pro Spotlight. This is a sequence that we didn’t end up using (he had a ton of photos to choose from). I won’t blow out his Origin part here, you need to buy that yourself but here’s a good one, his part in the Toebock vid Don’t Act Famous.

Jack Curtin, Kickflip Nose Manual drop down, Nollie Flip out

Jack has gotta be one of the most underrated pros out there, this sequence was shot on a mellow day’s skating with Matt Miller in the East Bay. Check out Jack’s part in LRG’s Give Me My Money Chico for more insanity.