On the road (Again)

There is nothing quite like being on the road. Cheap coffee and strung out truckers are a constant reminder of life on the highway. My plan though was relatively simple, until Mother Nature decided to have her way with me. The first stop on my journey would begin in Santa Barbara where I would hook up with Tony Tieu and Mike Santarossa. I arrived a bit road weary but nonetheless still amped to try to get something done. The first couple of spots we hit were instantaneous busts; not to be deterred we circled around the city and finally hit some ledges in one of the cities many parks. After a brief, but fun session we decided to hit a few gaps spots, but once again the powers that be decided that it wasn’t a good idea after all. My stay in Santa Barbara would ultimately be a short one and I decided to hit the road off to perhaps some greener pastures up north. The drive up north went by fairly quickly and next thing I knew I was in San Jose CA. Home to Apple Computers, tight black jeans, and slappy grinds. I had originally hoped to hit some of San Jose’s finer street spots but the rain thought differently. Which led me to the “SF House” where somehow something always seems to be going on. Although mother nature was roaring outside, inside a full session was

happening. Doug Shoemaker and Aaron Jones were sessioning the funbox in the living room. “Why don’t we screw the funbox into the couch?” Said Doug ” Let me get my tools” replied Aaron , Next thing you know frontside noseslides, k-grinds and tailslides were being executed. When the session ended we all chuckled about the pouring rain outside. After a few days of nonstop rain and no skating I decided to head back to the sunny skies of San Diego.But I couldn’t help but smile when I thought about how for once we defeated mother nature.